Learn to Fly 3

Learn to Fly 3

Learn to Fly 3 Adds Some Attitude into Achieving High Altitude

The tenacious little penguin is back in Learn to Fly 3 and this time, he's setting his sights to infinity and beyond. What do we mean by that, you ask? Well, you see, this particular penguin doesn't believe that penguins are flightless birds. Its certainly been a hard road and he's fallen flat on his face countless times. But, after making use of every trick in the book, he successfully reaches the skies. With this in mind, he now thinks that he's ready for outer space. The question is, do you? Help the penguin build his rocket and fly to space in Learn to Fly 3.

Reach for the Moon

If you haven't had the pleasure of playing a Learn to Fly game yet, then you're in for a treat. Your goal is to aim for the skies and reach greater heights until you achieve the ultimate altitude. In Learn to Fly 3, you don't just want to go cloud surfing. You can only count yourself successful once you've blasted off to outer space. Of course, you start out with a mishmash of parts and will barely be able to jump, let alone fly. Don't let that discourage you though, all you need to do is to keep at it until you earn enough cash for an upgrade.

Once you have a hefty sum of money, there are several things that you can splurge on. There's the Body. This refers to the Glider type you're using. Heavy bodies can ram through obstacles, though they do take a while to get off the ground. Second, there's the Launcher which helps you get a head start on your vertical adventure. Boosts add an extra punch to your tech while Stages give you some air time but are confined to a single time use per day. Speaking of which, once you've run out of fuel or fall flat on your penguin tush, the day ends.

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The Formula to Success

As it was in the first two installments in the series, there is no one way to reach success. Although there are some expensive, big ticket items that you can go for, there's always a chance that you can beat your record using a combination of average tier parts so long as you employ a little ingenuity. That said, the secret to success in Learn to Fly 3 is patience. Without a strategy guide, you'll have to go for a trial and error approach to keep on topping your records

The downside to this is, it can get a bit (and by that, we mean a whole lot) grindy. Every time you launch the little penguin that can, you earn some in-game cash to spend on upgrades. Will you wait for a bigger stash or spend it on the next tier of upgrades? Who knows. That decision is left entirely up to you. Worst comes to worst, you'll need to save up for the most expensive goodies to blast off to space. That's not so bad, you are after all, a penguin on a mission.

Up, Up and Away

Still need proof that with hard work, even penguins can fly? Add some skill into the formula and you will be able to unlock some medals. Not only are they the perfect incentive for completionists, some can also give you an array of permanent boosts to make your flight life a little easier. Now, of you're in need of a little more excitement, you can keep your eyes peeled for Baby Penguins in the shop screen. Find them to unlock some secret stuff. Additionally, if you complete a new game in any of the game modes (Story, Classic or Payload), you can also unlock goodies and earn bonus points on top of everything. How about that?

With its array of modes and features, it's plain to see that Learn to Fly 3 is a labor of love. Along with his Kickstarter supporters, Light_Bringer777 (a.k.a. Jean-Marie Prevost) has truly outdone himself. The third game manages to bring a lot of familiar elements to the equation and improves upon them to make for a more enjoyable experience. For instance, the game still requires you to do a lot of grinding but also gives you the chance to beat it within a handful of days. And, while the number of options do have the tendency to confuse, the game also gives you many opportunities to earn boosts to speed up the process.

In a nutshell, Learn to Fly 3 is the best installment yet. So long as you're into vertical launch titles like the previous Learn to Fly, you'll be in for a good time. Play this game and prove to the world that not only do penguins fly, they blast off to space.